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The Politics of Black Hair + Standards of Women's Beauty

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Following on from Rah Digga's response to the viewers' comments on weaves, the Godcast hosts revisit the topic of hair and discuss, in particular, the politics of Black hair (2:38).
Lord Jamar also gives light to "unsigned hype" Neelam who has been getting some A-List co-signs after videos of her lyrical abilities on social media caught the attention of Erykah Badu and Will Smith (12:16).
The show also touches on recent reports that troll rapper 6ix9ine was kidnapped and robbed - was it genuine or is this just another ploy to promote new music (15:32)?

0:00 - 3:52 Todays mathematics + Intro
2:38 The Politics of Black hair
3:53 Conscious Cartoon (
7:20 Are we just consumed with showing our money in general?
8:43 Black women and cornrows, perms, and managing Black hair
10:29 We protect our hair but not our mind and spirit
12:16 IG MC - Neelam
13:39 Women are the key to winning the war
15:32 6ix9ine reportedly kidnapped and robbed
16:58 Is 6ix9ine trolling or is this the new way of promoting?
19:22 "Cheddar breeds jealousy"
21:34 Outro

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