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Sci-Fi Short Film "Lucid Nation" | A DUST Exclusive Premiere

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A kid takes his science experiment too far in this exclusive premiere. Watch more sci-fi short films on DUST, subscribe here:

"Lucid Nation" written and directed by Stephen Turselli

Two middle-schoolers try an experiment at home involving ping pong balls, red light, and white noise.

Full Synopsis:
Best friends Henry and Josh attempt an experiment at home that they learned about in school. After stealing a red light bulb from the school's dark room, they cover their eyes with ping pong balls and listen to white noise in an effort to get their mind to hallucinate. After a few failed trials, Josh concedes that it's just a silly experiment. However, Henry is convinced that, with a few adjustments, it could still work. Each night after school for the next few days, Henry tinkers and perfects the parameters of his experiment. He blacks out his window, he glues the ping pong balls onto swim goggles. He adds more and more light bulbs to the array on his desk. Eventually, he builds a turbo-headset, designed to amplify all sights and sounds coming to it. When he tries the experiment for a final time, Henry goes too far before he realizes he's not coming back.

A message from the filmmaker:
Lucid Nation was a project that came to fruition in a similar fashion to the plot of our story. We found ourselves fascinated by the experiment, so visually interesting and bizarre, to cut ping pong balls in half and use scotch tape to crudely tape them to your own face just to stare at colored light and listen to television static. Such a wacky combination, and it made for an interesting film topic. When we couldn't crack the story, my producing partner mailed me red light bulbs and ping pong balls and insisted I tried it. Through these failed trials is how we came to the story told in Lucid Nation. Kids are imaginative enough to want to experience this but naive enough to actually try. Then, like any other addictive substance, it's a short and fast trip down the rabbit hole.

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