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【KUBI SHUNE】 - Town of cats - Full Original PV - 【UTAU】

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Please watch in HD with headphones for the best result!
* Voicebank used: KUBI SHUNE Normal VCV & Awakening
* Resampler used: vs4u & fresamp

Phew! It's finally here!
Me and Juliet wanted to make something quick and nice with these boys in between work on ECLIPSE and it ended up taking longer than anpicipated;;;

I've had this cover sitting on my computer for quite a while by now...
I always really loved the song so I wanted to do something special for the video, which is why it kept getting pushed back, so it feels really nice to finally have it done!

As usual I want to send a billion kisses and thanks to Juliet for helping me out and baring with me as we both kept changing things in the storyboard and adding more frames;; I love you honey!;;;

Also hey, can you spot some cameos? :DOWNLOAD LINKS -


The download contains both their voicebanks.

If something doesn't work, please let us know
and we will try to fix it as soon as possible! ; v ; )/YuKai UTAU Productions Official site here:If you have any questions please feel free to ask them
in a comment or in a private message.====== Credits ======

├KUBI SHUNE by KaiSuki
└MEGAne by Juliet/nekodoru

├Storyboard by KaiSuki
├Art by Juliet/nekodoru
└Mixing & Video by KaiSuki

├Original song by: Heart ★ Breaker
└.ust by RenjiTakuma

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